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GHD Oracle Review - How It Works and How to Buy One in time for Christmas!

 The much loved brand GHD (which stands for Good Hair Day!)  are known for their iconic hair straighteners, curling wands and glide hot brush  have raised the hair styling bar again in 2019 with the release of their latest hair tool – ‘The Oracle’ - and this one does so much more than simply smooth your hair.

The much sought after ghd Oracle tame creates impressively bouncy curls, natural waves and a smooth finish all with one simple stroke.

Unlike other curling wands it's effortless as you don't need to stress about wrapping sections around a wand - the ghd Oracle creates the curl all by itself. 


All you need to do is glide it between the two curved tongs of ghds break-through 'curl-zone' technology.  (Think: The same technique you use with the ghd original styler.)


Six years in the making, the ghd Oracle creates voluminous texture thanks to its unique heating and cooling two-phase function, which is automatic so all you need to do is glide the tool down your strands in just one stroke. 

- Hair passes through ghd Oracle's innovative U shaped barrel which made up of 4 different ceramic plates. As hair glides through the heated zone, it is shaped into the curl.

- As the hair shaft makes its way out of the unique U shape, it is flash-cooled instantly which sets the curl. The immediate cooling ensures long-lasting results and foolproof waves with serious bounce. Say goodbye, to floppy, lifeless hair.  


Regardless of whether you're styling hair on your left-side or right-side; or which angle, the hair will always pass through the same U shape for consistent curling each time. By tilting the ghd Oracle at slightly different angles you can create a variety of different curls and waves, from cool-girl beachy waves to a more uniform curl.

The new ghd Oracle is only available for purchase in salon at either of our Perth locations - Subiaco or Claremont just in time for Christmas 2019, RRP $340

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