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The New DevaCut Express Arrives in Perth!


 DevaCurl Curly Hair Experts Perth

For all our Perth Curly Haired Girls who have loved coming to see our Advance DevaCurl Specialist Chantalle at our Claremont Salon, we have just launched a new cutting service called the DevaCut Express.

What is the DevaCut express you ask? Keep reading to learn all about the curly version of a trim!

What is the DevaCut Express service?

The DevaCut Express Service is a dry-cutting reshaping service for all natural textures that takes around 30 minutes. No need for shampooing and drying!

Would the DevaCut Express service be good for me?

Keep in mind that this new service is not intended for everybody.

In short, if you have never had a DevaCut with a DevaCurl Specialist before, this is not the ideal service for you. We would recommend you start with a full DevaCurl cut to properly shape your hair and curls and then follow up with the DevaCut Express service as a maintenance service.

The DevaCut Express is more of a trimming service designed to keep the shape and health of the curls in between full DevaCurl Cut.

We recommend this service for our clients who have had a full DevaCut within the past 3 months.

The condition of the hair can also play a factor in determining if a right DevaCut Express service is right for you. If your last full DevaCut was over 3 months ago or your hair is in poor condition, we recommend a full DevaCut with our DevaCurl Specialist Chantalle..

How should I prep my curls before coming in for this service?

We recommend coming in on your favourite curl day - this means the day you feel your curls look their best. For some people that is a day or two after washing your hair. If so, you should plan accordingly and your hair should be detangled and styled as normal.



Or give us a call on (08) 6161 2307 to learn more about  the DevaCut Express service!


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