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There's No Such Thing As White (healthy) Hair

Let’s talk about ‘white hair’. Hair at its lightest stage is still going to be pale yellow (unless it’s naturally grey hair).

If your hair is pushed to a point of decolourisation, aka where it is white without a toner, the hair is going to be EXTREMELY COMPROMISED. 

Melanin is the dark pigment that gives your hair its colour. When you lighten your hair, the strong alkaline pH of hair lighteners not only attacks your Melanin at the hair follicles, but also the keratin, which is the key protein to your hairs structure. This means that if the melanin is broken down to white, the keratin bonds are also broken down in the process, which will result it broken hair.

So, it is important to know that when you see beautiful, healthy ‘white hair’, it is actually pale yellow hair with a toner. 

And the toner will fade! And then it is back to pale yellow.

‘White hair’ is very difficult to achieve, especially as our priority is to keep your hair in optimal condition. You should know that creating a neutral platinum (slowly) by lifting your hair to pale yellow and then toning, is extremely high maintenance and requires regular upkeep. 

We always use Olaplex, to keep your hair bonded during each session. And we will only lighten your hair to the level it can tolerate. This is why you need to respect the journey! The simple fact is that if your hair is lightened beyond what it can handle, it will simply snap off as those keratin bonds get broken.  

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