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8 Things to know before your Salon Appointment

Thank you for booking an appointment with ONE

We are so excited to see you! 

Before your appointment here are 8 things you should know or prepare so you get the most out of your visit!

1.Bring In Photos
The more pictures you can bring in, the more we can hone in on the vibe, texture, and colour you want. Have a look at our Instagrams and Pinterest for finding inspiration on the style you're searching for. Remember that while you may not get exactly what any picture shows (because your hair may have a different texture, etc.), they a great help in guiding your stylist to the best option for your hair and lifestyle. 

2.Dress with confidence
Come into the salon wearing the make-up/attire that make you feel the most confident. This is especially important if it's your first visit and you're getting a colour. When you get your hair done, you want to see it freshly colored, cut, and styled on a canvas that best represents you. We are not saying you have to dress up for us! But dressing as you normally would will help guide your stylist in making sure your hair is well suited to your every day lifestyle.

3.Hair Care At Home Is Important
If you're not protecting your hair at home, you're making your life harder than it should be. Using the correct products for your hair type, prolongs the Salon life of your hair. Professional hair products are highly concentrated, meaning you have to use less product in your hair to achieve the results you want. 
At the start of your appointment is your consultation where your stylist will diagnose your hair and recommend what type of products you should be using. 

4.Prepare to declare 
We are NOT here to judge.
During your consultation we will ask about your hair history - be truthful about what you have used and use regularly. (For example, if you used a box-dye to go Blonde, then added some purple tips and then dyed it all brown.)  This will determine what kind and how strong of a product your hair stylist will be using for your colour. If you lie and say your hair is virgin hair, there's a possibility of very unwanted results happening.

5.Corrective Colour Takes Time
It happens - a box-dye has gone wrong and you need a professional rescue, it might be a big, expensive project. Make it clear what has happened, what you want to have happen (bring pictures!), and for the best results, schedule a free consultation before your appointment so that all parties know what will go down.

6.It's a Hair Journey.
Your desired result may not be achievable with just one visit to the salon.  
If you have dark brown or black hair, and want to go silver or pastel, it's gonna take a lot of love and a lot of work. If you have ever dyed your hair dark, even if it was years ago, the ends are not virgin hair. If you have dyed it more than once, you have layers of color that need to come off. Trying to force your hair to go lighter too quickly will damage your hair and will leave you with a big expensive colour correction job - see point number 5
Your stylist will advise you on how often you will need to leave your hair in-between appointments and how to look after your hair at home so the journey is as smooth and enjoyable. 

7.Treat your Hair Well
Protecting your hair from damage is key to maintaining healthy hair. We offer intensive Hair Repair as add ons with your colour service to protect and nourish your hair during the colour process. Using a once a week intensive at-home treatment will also prolong the salon life of your hair between appointments. Ask during your consultation for the types of products that match your hair type. 

8.Plan Accordingly
We have limited availability, so if you are running late on the day call the Salon ASAP. 
If you are more than 15 minutes late for your booking, we may not be able to perform your complete service or may need to rebook as it can affect other client bookings. 
We do our best to accommodate last minute changes, however if we are fully booked with clients we unfortunately won't be able to go ahead with a booking.
If you are a no-show you may be asked to pay a 50% deposit for your next scheduled appointment.

We look forward to seeing you at the salon soon!
In the meantime, get excited by visiting our Instagrams.



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