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Why You Will Love Lived-in Hair Colour!

There is a new hair trend taking over called Lived-in Colour! It's a new way of highlighting your hair you will love! As warmer weather is coming now is the perfect time to get your hair lightened up for the new season with a fresh hair colour that is low maintenance and will have you looking effortlessly gorgeous.


What is it:

With names of colours like 'Bronde' or 'Blondette' - the finished look is multi-dimensional with multiple tones and shades that are neither blonde or brunette but are a delicious swirl of both. One strand will be highlighted blonde or bronde, and next to it a lighter or darker shade and the root usually stay close to your natural colour. It all works together to form a stunning style that is beautifully blended. It is the perfect trend that combines salon fresh hair but with an effortless "I woke up like this  - It girl' feel.

How do we do it:

At ONE Hair Salons in Perth we use a custom blend a mix of highlights  and / or lowlights, to create a sun-kissed effect. The application is about both blending and texturing so that the colour grows out naturally and a "worn-in" look is created.

This is done by painting different shades and highlighting the whole head. It's your colour, but instead of a solid colour, depth is added to creates dimension and a lived-in future proof feel.

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More about why everyone loves Future Proof 'lived-in' colour!

 It’s the colour for when you don't want to look like your really having a colour; it’s effortlessly cool off-duty model hair, it’s hydrated, healthy and natural looking highlights.

The look was first started at Los Angeles Salon, Ramirez Tran, which is loved by celebs such as Gwyneth Paltrow and Mia Wasikowska. 

Lived-in hair is about giving the illusion that you “don’t really care about your colour” when really, its a calculated, organic looking, flawless style that is the result of the complimentary consultation between you and our colour specialists at one of our Perth Salons in either Subiaco or Claremont.  

Forget high-maintenance hair - lived-in colour starts out with a look that already embraces your natural roots so it grows out without any harsh root lines - so this keeps the colour future proof and wonderfully low maintenance.  

It's the ultimate french chic, cool-girl, organic hair colour. 

Who best suits Future Proof 'Lived-in' colour?

That's the best thing!  The multi-tonal hair colour technique means its completely customisable. Couple that with a future-proof colour application in the form of a root stretch means less time spent in the salon chair overall.

Brunettes should opt for shades of rich honey tones and creamy caramel to create lightness. 

Blondes should go for natural shades of soft almond, creamy beiges and champagne blonde to create a multi-dimensional look.


Pair this with long shaggy layers or a LOB 'Long Bob'  that will enhance the movement of your hair and you will have nailed this new cool girl look for summer!

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Found a hair colour you love, but are unsure if it's the right look for you? Don't worry! 'lived-in' colour is totally customisable to any look you want to achieve!

Remember to always bring in a photo and discuss your hair goals with one of our senior stylists. 

Whats the Upkeep?

There's so much to love about this colour as it is very low maintenance! Now we don't mean no maintenance, but after the initial application only smaller visits are needed, which extend the life of the colour! Think of a solid blonde colour: Instead of large 3-4 hour full head services every 4-6 weeks, we are talking 1 hour face framers, ends refresh and root stretches. 

You will need to be prepared to invest in some high quality salon hair products to ensure your lightened locks don’t turn brassy and your ends stay damage free.

How do I style my 'Lived-in' Colour?

Styling is a breeze as the "worn-in" look calls for a finish that is polished and tousled yet never too “done."
We love Kevin Murphy Bedroom.Hair as the ultimate tousled undone styling spray. This is the product responsible for all of our amazing lived-in looks on our instagrams!
If you want even more texture, we go for Hair.Resort.Spray as this gives the hair a natural beach babe look, as though you have spent a day by the sea side!

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