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Bronde, Balayage, Ombré, Sombré - Trending bi-tonal hair colours

Bronde Balayage Sombre Ombre Hair Colour Trend

Advancements in technology and the variety of different techniques have lead to the appearance of more and more hair colour inventions. At our Perth hair salons there are so many hair colour looks to choose from, and just as many names: bronde, babylights, ombré, sombre, Balayage...As hair colour jargon increases, it gets more complicated!

We wanted to make it easier for you to choose which look is right for you! Here are some of the most on-trend colors you need to know and what they mean, so when someone asks "What is Balayage?" You know the answer.


Bronde is the new generation of color: hybrid and illuminating. For those who don't like the 'roots' effect of ombré , sombré and dip-dye, while also hesitating between brunette and blonde, it's the ideal compromise. Only a few layers are very slightly lightened, giving subtle depth, neither warm nor cool, to your hair.

Who would suit being Bronde?
Bronde is perfect for women who hesitate between light and dark shades, but want to make a bold statement with absolutely subtlety.


Balayage hair consists of lighter sweeps throughout the hair with organic looking highlights that follow the hair's natural layers and it reminds us of how our hair sometimes looks after a long vacation spent by the sea, when the hair is lightened by sun and salt.

Ombré Hair

Ombre is a contrast colouring treatment that's created by lightening the mid-lengths and ends, giving a soft gradient from root to tip. This dark-light separation although obviously visible, is blended into the hair, creating a summery, festival-ready "XXL roots" effect.

Sombré Hair

Sombré hair is ombré's subtler, more natural-looking little sister. The difference between colours is less obvious, and more symmetrical, with very slight layering and gentle lightening.

Who are these bi-tonal hair colours best for?
Ombré, which requires little maintenance, is an excellent keep-the-summer look for those with a big personality!


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