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DevaCurl Curly Girl hair Cut Perth Salon hairdresser
At ONE Claremont Salon our DevaCurl Advanced Specialist Hairdresser Chantalle will make your curly hair look its best!

The  DevaCurl Hair cut is a revolutionary cutting technique for cutting curly hair, whereas most traditional hair cutting techniques were created for straight hair. 
The advantage of our DevaCurl hair cut is that it’s customised to work with your unique natural curl pattern.

 The hair is cut dry, because curly hair and its spring factor can be misinterpreted while wet- that’s why we cut the hair in its natural form, while dry, curl by curl.
This allows our curly hair specialist at our Claremont Salon to sculpt the hair, according to individual curl, look, and style because no two curls are alike.

One Claremont Hair Salon provides specialist DevaCurl Hair Cuts for all of Perth's curly girls who have naturally curly, wavy and permed hair.


Our Curly Hair Expert Chantalle has undertaken specialised training in NYC at the DevaChan Academy to learn the unique technique and become a DevaCurl Advanced Specialist.
The  DevaCurl cutting technique is known worldwide as the best cutting technique for all curly hair types, from slightly wavy to corkscrew curls.
The cut encourages, enhances, and controls your curls allowing you to enjoy every luscious twirling lock of the curls you love so much. 
Along with your DevaCurl Cut you will be educated on the 'Curly Girl Method' of hair washing and styling routine that will have your curls always looking their best. 

The Best Bits:

    • Expertly shaped to your individual curls
    • Hair cut eliminates frizz by cutting the curl correctly 
    • Includes education on the fundamentals of curly hair care and styling
    • The DevaCurl cut helps encourage, enhance, and control curls 

    Things To Consider For Your Lifestyle:

      • This is a dry cut, so you will need to arrive at Salon with your hair conditioned, completely dry, detangled, in its natural curly state (unstyled, no ponytails, braids, clips, flat irons, blowdry), with minimal product. (Product can be used in hair, so long as the hair isn't tacky and sticky and fingers can easily work through it.)
      • To help develop your best natural curl stop using products with sulfates or heavy oils before your booking 
      • If your hair is thick or long, please inform us at the time of booking. 
      • Our DevaCurl Hair Cuts are only available at our Claremont Salon

      All Deva Hair Cuts Include:

        • In-depth personal consultation with our DevaCurl Hair Specialist
        • Professional Cut, Wash and Style with RollerBall or Diffuser by our Curly Hair Specialist
        • Education on how cleanse, hydrate, and style your hair at home.

      FIRST VISIT - Dry Curly Hair Cut by our DevaCurl Advanced Specialist
      Includes: Consultation + Dry Hair Cut + Wash + Diffuse Dry Style + Curly Hair Care Education

      DevaCurl Hair Cut 


      DevaCurl Hair Cut  XL (Below Shoulder or Very Thick)


      FOLLOW UP VISIT - Dry Curly Hair Trim by our DevaCurl Advanced Specialist
      Includes:  Dry Hair Trim + Curly Hair Care Education

      *Recommended for our curly hair maintenance clients who have had a full DevaCurl Cut with Chantalle within the past 3 months.

      DevaCut Express


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