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Keratin Smoothing Treatment

permanent keratine smoothing treatment perth hair salon

Keratin Smoothing Perth

At One Hair Salon, we’re proud to be known as one of Perth's best salons for our hair straightening treatment. Our Perth stylists have all the skill and experience you could ask for, but what sets us apart is our progressive approach to straightening.

Our Keratin Treatment is on the cutting edge of Hair Smoothing as it's completely formaldehyde free!

What is Keratin Smoothing?

Keratin smoothing treatment is a wonderful method of hair straightening that will last between two and five months. But the truly remarkable thing about this treatment is its restorative nature. 

This treatment works to de-frizz your hair, to make it more manageable, smoother, and gorgeous! But the unique properties of keratin are wonderful for the health of your hair, too.

Our hair is made up of keratin protein molecules, connected by various sorts of bonds. These bonds can take a beating from various procedures and chemical treatments. The smoothing treatment will apply a keratin solution to your hair to restore and reinforce your locks as long as it remains effective.

If you have naturally curly hair, a keratin treatment won’t have the same straightening impact as traditional thermal hair straightening. But it will strengthen your hair and encourage a gorgeous, healthy glow and seriously reduce the frizz you have to put up with.

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What Keratin Straightening product do we use?

At ONE Hair Salon we have scoured the globe for the best Keratin Straightening product we could find. After trialling many brands we found that Cezanne Keratin Smoothing Treatment was the one that showed the best results!  We chose Cezanne for its unique ability to last 5 months in the hair and compound its effects every time you have this keratin smoothing treatment done. It works with the main active ingredients of glycolic acid and sericin (a natural silk) that penetrate the hair shaft leaving your hair smooth and manageable and totally frizz free! 

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Be Kind to Your Hair and Save Time

Our keratin treatment is non-toxic, and completely formaldehyde free! So if you’ve dished out a bit of tender love and punishment to your hair in the pursuit of virgin-daiquiri-straight locks recently, then you should really consider this as a way to say thank you to ya’ follicles, and get your hair looking gorgeous nonetheless!

Keratin straightening will relax your curl somewhat but won’t leave it dead straight! In some cases, straightening will relax the curl quite a lot and in other cases such as a strong curl, it will make it smoother and more manageable and slightly straighter.

Another wonderful benefit of keratin smoothing is the time-saving it affords. If you’re used to spending far more time than you’d like to when straightening your hair with an iron, then this treatment could be a life-saver. It’s thought that treatment can shorten blow-dry time by up to 60%.

We’d love to get in touch! If you’d like to book a consultation at ONE Hair Salon, located in Subiaco and Claremont, Perth, or simply want to get some more information, make sure to give us a call.