(For customised colour correction or change services exact quotes are provided with in-person consultations)

Has the worst happened? You’ve tried colouring your hair at home and have ended up with a colour you hate? Or maybe you have over bleached your hair and now it is in fragile state or breaking off. We understand how distressing it can be to feel stuck with a hair colour mistake and damaged hair!

As a Colour Specialist salon our Senior Hairdressers are professionally trained colourists who have years of experience in correcting even the most difficult of colour corrections and providing intensive hair repair solutions.

If you are looking to have an existing colour corrected or a major colour change please book a colour consultation with one of our Colour Experts who can advise you on how to best change your hair colour.

We are always happy to help you fix hair problems and help you get back to having healthy gorgeous hair with a colour you love!

If you are ready for a colour makeover or want to correct an old colour please feel free to call us for a consultation so that we can explore your options with you.

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Below is a Guide of our most popular colour services. These Hair Colour Packages are for general colour services and colour maintenance for normal thickness, collar length hair.

Because we create custom colours for each of our unique clients we almost always use a mix of different techniques to achieve your colour which you may not be able to determine only from a price guide. Also if you require colour correction services the price will differ from the guides below.

We are happy to provide approximate quotes by phone or online, but please be aware that even with photos they are only a rough guide and can be more, or less, on the day of your service. It is not possible, without seeing your hair to provide an exact quote.

For this reason we always provide a complete custom colour consultation prior to starting any appointments (either on the day of the appointment or in a separate consultation) and provide a full quote before we commence any work.

We are often shown photo’s of colour’s that we have created previously for our clients, and you may find that we need to do some ground work with colour corrective techniques before we can achieve your desired result. You can be assured that will will always be honest about what we can best achieve and will not commit to any colour unless we think it is possible.

Our intention is always to give you the best colour possible closest to you desired look while maintaining the health of your hair. We will always stand behind the quality of our work and never make empty promises, saving you time and money visiting other salons that don’t give you what you are trying to achieve.

If you wish to receive an exact quote before committing to an appointment, please call us to arrange for a consultation in person at our salons. 

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best-blonde-hair-salon-perthOUR COLOUR TECHNIQUES

Highlights are applied with combined freehand application and foils for maximum lift coverage that also creates a mulit-dimensional effect that can be bright and bold, or soft and subtle depending on your desired result. We personalise every set of highlights to suit individual needs.
Full Head from $235 


Baby Lights & Snow Lights are delicate highlights created using a very finely woven technique also known as micro foils to create subtle, dimensional hair colour that appears very natural. The micro foil process can be done in any shade to match any skin tone. The effects on blondes are fabulous and brunettes and redheads can achieve gorgeous blends of shades with babylighting as well. Snow lights are perfect for very light or platinum blonde looks and great for those who want to transition away from scalp bleaches to achieve a multi-dimensional clean, bright blonde. Because the technique of weaving extra fine foils takes considerably longer then regular highlights.
Feature Foils from $75
1/2 Head Foils From $105 
Full Head of Foils From $175

BALAYAGE (Hand Painted Highlights)
A technique of applying free hand highlights, or other highlighting techniques, to hair to create a natural sun-kissed look that blends subtly with naturally darker roots using either your natural colour or by adding a semi / permanent colour to roots.
Ends Tip Out / or Face Framing From $75
1/2 Head From $105
Full Head From $175

Adds shine and creates a unifying colour tone to lightened hair. Lasts 8 – 10 washes.
From $30

(All prices dependent on hair length & thickness.) 

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This is for first time bleach applications or to cover roots & banding with more than 6 weeks regrowth. From $175


On scalp bleach lightening dark roots and refreshing lift on already lighted ends. From $120

Try out the latest palette of colourful shades with semi-permanent colours that last up to 12 washes, or extend with take home custom blend conditioning toners. (To create pastel shades this service requires a very light blonde base – level 9 – 10) From $65

Adds gloss and creates desired colour tone to hair in between appointments. Lasts 8 – 10 washes. From $35
(Prices dependent on hair length / thickness)

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T-BAR ROOT RETOUCH best-balayage-salon-perth
Permanent hair colour of part line and hair line framing face with 100% coverage of white hair. From $65

Permanent hair colour option offers 100% coverage of white hair, can also darken hair and lighten without using bleach.
(Prices dependent on hair length / thickness) 
From $95

Long lasting ammonia-free hair colour that last 6 – 8 weeks and covers 70% of white hair. Great for enhancing hair colour and blending the first signs of grey.
(Prices dependent on hair length / thickness) From $95

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Now you can upgrade your colour service with Olaplex. This treatment will make your hair stronger, healthier, and your colour last longer. It’s perfect for those who want to maintain the health and structural integrity of their hair that can be weakened over time with regular colouring. From $40

Olaplex is also an amazing stand alone treatment if you are suffering from stressed out and damaged hair from years of colouring. This treatment will make your hair stronger, healthier, and your colour last longer. From $60 

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Our colour specialists are all trained experts in colour matching techniques based not only on your natural hair colour but also your skin tone and eye colour to ensure you choose specific shades that will enhance your natural looks.


We offer beautiful on-trend colour using the latest techniques in Highlighting, such a Hair Contouring & Balayage by applying Hand Painted Highlights, plus Babylights, Ombre & Ecaille. as Perth's best hairdressers for colour makeovers and professional correction.