We have collected frequently asked questions when it comes to our Hairdreams Nano Hair Extensions. In case you cannot find an answer to your question here, please contact us via the contact form and we will be more than happy to answer all of your inquiries.

Why Hairdreams?
Hairdreams is recognized for its unparalleled 100% real human hair extensions of premium quality. Hairdreams strict guidelines for hair refinement and quality control are unsurpassed in the industry creating the most coveted hair highly requested by top stylists and high profile celebrities worldwide and remain unsurpassed in quality.
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Hairdreams are the extensions of choice for celebrities such as Jennifer Lawrence, Meghan Trainor, Lady Gaga and Kesha. Also of Designers such as Lena Hoschek, Charlie Le Mindu, and Isamaya Ffrench. Plus favourites of models such as Jerry Hall and Zita Vass. Hairdreams was the extensions used to create the amazing hair fashions in Hunger Games movie series. Plus is the extensions of choice for countless of fashion weeks, America's Next Top Model seasons, Project Runway and Miss USA contestants... the list goes on. 

Hairdreams uses only 100% real human hair that has been procured all over the world in adherence with strict ethical principles. Intricate and laborious sorting and refinement processes are used to maintain human hair with the brilliant natural shine, elasticity and bounce.
How are Nano Hair Extensions applied?

The Hairdreams extensions come in very fine (nano) strands. These strands have a connection tip, called a “Bonding” point at the very top. This “Bonding” point gently connects the Hairdreams strands to your own hair and is applied close to the roots. The Bonding points are gently warmed up and thus softened, at which point the Hairdreams hair is applied and securely wrapped around your own hair strands. This process is repeated strand by strand, until the hairstyle of your dreams is created. 

With this method, the 100% real human hair is combined with patented NANO Technology that “invisibly“ integrates into one‘s own hair. The additional hair strands are permanent which means they become a natural part of your own hair. 

With this damage free method each strand is applied individually by hand. This system allows for individual customization to your own hair.

45 minutes is the average application time of a full head of Extensions. 
Though the amount of time depends on the current hair condition of the client and the final look they want to achieve. First and foremost, the amount of time required depends on the number of strands that need to be applied.

Hairdreams Hair Extensions look and feel completely natural and are not noticeable to people who don’t know that you are wearing them. We match the Hairdreams strands to your own hair’s texture and colour ensuring a perfect result.
The nano bonds are ultra-thin and extremely flat. They are practically undetectable and allow for the hair to naturally lay extremely flat and softly against the scalp.  

Will I feel where the strands are attached to my own hair or will I feel the bondings?
The Hairdreams Bondings are very small and therefore hardly noticeable. The size and shape of bondings allows for a perfect fit of your Hairdreams strands to your own hair. They are lightweight so won't pull or weigh down your hair like other methods. 

The bonding in our Nano Extensions is easily removed with our exclusive Removal Gel by our trained Nano Extensions Specialists causing no damage to your natural hair or the Extensions. 

Once the removal solution has been applied, the bondings simply slide off your own hair. Your own hair and the Hairdreams hair strands are not damaged in any way by the Removal Solution.

The removal is quick and easy in comparison to other extensions methods.  It does not rely on arm power. In addition, it creates minimal-to-no tension on the scalp, is stress-free and comfortable.

We recommend our Tidy-Up Beauty Service every four to six weeks in order to ensure quick and easy removal. During this short service, your own hair which has naturally shed, but gets stuck in the Bondings, is cut at the top in order to avoid matting. 

The wearing period of Hairdreams hair creations depends on your individual hair growth, the texture and volume of your own hair and your desired hairstyle.

The Bondings slowly move away from your scalp corresponding with your natural hair growth. Therefore, the Bondings will be more visible after about four to six months, and should be removed.

If you used the luxury 7-Star Quality hair strands, then you can re-use the hair for another two wearing periods. This service is called Rebonding, and allows you to wear your hair for up to 1.5 years.

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Yes, Hairdreams 7-Star hair can be re-used up to two times. This service is called Rebonding. This is only available with the original Hairdreams 7-Star hair – as it is extremely healthy that it can be worn for several wearing periods without causing problems.

After removing the strands, your Hairdreams stylist will send the strands back to Hairdreams. They will be serviced with new Bondings and are sent back to the stylist for reapplication. 

None! You don’t have to limit your lifestyle in any way. Thanks to the secure Bondings and the excellent, premium quality of the extensions, you can pursue all your daily, normal activities as usual. You can style your hair as you normally do, but have much more styling possibilities than ever before. There is no limitations with our Nano Extensions, (Sports, Sauna, swimming, etc.) Hairdreams hair can withstand any activity and always look perfect. 

You need to take care of your Nano Hair extensions as you would your own long hair. All our Extensions come with a Hair Care Pack, containing the products you need to look after and maintain the health of your hair. Your Hairdreams hair is no longer connected to your scalp and therefore is not naturally supplied with conditioning nutrients. The Hair Care Products in your pack, target this natural deficiency and balance it. When following the routine set for you by our Extensions Specialists, your Hairdreams Hair will retain its beautiful shine, optimal elasticity and brilliant color.
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You can style your hair as usual using your blow dryer, flat iron or curling iron. The same is true for other processes such as perming or coloring. Having Nano Hair Extensions does not mean that you are stuck with one particular hairstyle.

However, chemical processes like coloring, tinting or perming can drastically change the texture and surface of the hair, thus overstressing it. You should only allow ONE Hair Salon to perform such services with the correct Hairdreams products in order to get the most out of your Nano Hair Extensions.

When blow drying, be careful not to set the blow dryer too hot, and to keep it at a distance of at least 20cm (8 inches). Extreme heat can damage or dry out your Extensions.

Beauty Sleep: Tie your hair or put it in a braid before you go to sleep to avoid tangles.

Hairdreams Nano Extensions are very gentle and do not involve chemicals, which ensures that your own hair will not be damaged.

The various strand sizes make it possible to customize hair lengthening and/or thickening for your individual hair type. Furthermore, your own hair is protected by the Hairdreams strands, because the Hairdreams strands wrap around your own hair. We call this the “Shoulder-Effect”. Shoulder length hair usually gets split ends and breaks at the level where your hair touches your shoulders. Thanks to the fact that the Hairdreams strands wrap around your own hair, your natural hair strands can recover during the wearing period and split ends or breakage are further prevented.

Regular follow-up service is a crucial requirement for the perfect condition of your Extensions. This includes a short Check-Up Service, and a quick Beauty Tidy-Up.

Hairdreams reinforces the protection of your own hair and the strands are only attached to the same amount of your own hair. Ensuring that there is no pulling. Thanks to the lightweight bonding there is no stress placed on the scalp.

Our Hair Extensions are personalised to you, the look you want to achieve and your budget. Book an obligation free Consultation with one of our highly trained Extensions Specialists.